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5 definitions by Lualua

Usually a shop where you can buy coffee, but in Amsterdam a coffee shop is not a cafe, its a shop which sells drugs, e.g. weed, hemp, hash etc.
In most streets in Amsterdam you will find a coffe shop, e.g. the Smokey Coffee Shop in Rembrantplein
by lualua July 31, 2005
Monica is a character in the hit nbc sitcom 'friends' Monica is an obsessive cleaner, loves winning and being competitive and likes to make sure that everytihng is generally in order.
Lucy: Jo stop cleaning, you're turning into a Monica!
by lualua November 03, 2005
A word from the sims, often used when your sim is hungry. They also make a hand gesture to their mouth to show that they are hungry.
Desayuno is most probably derived from the spanish language
(Courtney the sim cries desparately by a fridge) "Desayuno"
by Lualua June 07, 2005
Another option for expressing your dislike at horse manure, this is a slang word in parts of London
(Walking past a garden)
"UURRGGHHH look guys, horsey-bumness!!!!"
by Lualua June 07, 2005
A song by the band Foo Fighters
"That new song by Foo Fighters rocks!!"
by Lualua August 26, 2005