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1 definition by Luafien

Most people consider Subeta a rip-off at first glance, but in fact it is a lot like World of Warcraft. In Guild Wars, you become used to being mobbed every three seconds, in Final Fantazy XI, you become used to grinding at it for twelve hours and getting no where. Solution? WoW.

The same is for Subeta in relation to Neopets and Gaiaonline. In Neopets it is slightly easy to aquire gold, the problem being no matter how much you have gotten that day, it won't matter since you're still freaking poor. That, and it's not very social. Gaia, however, everything is social-based to aquire money (which is hard to get anyways). The only really way to get a lot of money fast on Gaia is to get the donation items, then mass-sell them.

Subeta is a excellent blend, you can be social on the forums if you feel like it, or you can go be alone doing quests. You have both avatars and pets. It's easier to get money.

Things are the same as Neopets? Stop freaking whining, if you actually went onto the site you would see they did everything at least three times better. And the pets are cuter.
Neopets = N; Gaiaonline = G; Subeta = S

(N+morecute)x(G-allsocial)-idiots = S
by Luafien August 19, 2007
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