2 definitions by Lt. Wafflez

The face someone makes after eating too much Skittles and vomiting
Lt. Wafflez: Dude, what's wrong?

Friend: I have a case of the Rainbowfaeces

Lt. Wafflez: I told you not to eat that bucket of Skittles
by Lt. Wafflez July 12, 2013
When one takes the pitcher out of the fridge and drinks the water out of the pitcher. Usually a younger brother.
Guy#1: Dude do you know who's the fucking water bender?

Guy#2: Yeah, I think it's Guy#3, I saw him drinking out of the pitcher this morning.

Guy#1: Thanks.

Guy#3: Sup? Who's been bending the water today?
by Lt. Wafflez June 19, 2013

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