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7 definitions by Lt. Roastabotch

When a woman urinates either durring immediately following an especially intense orgasm.
I waxed Sally's ass so good, she had a California Gold Rush!
by Lt. Roastabotch July 13, 2005
An alternate name for HIV.
"Cedrick had to go to clinic to get tested for the Booty-Flu."
by Lt. Roastabotch July 29, 2005
A state of anger bordering on godlike, the anti-enlightenment, a furious display of chest beating and growling/roaring/swearing. What the battery powered king kong toys display.
Jim was stuck in the fast lane behind a grey hair doing 25mph and the white-hot seething stench/display of "Maximum Rage" could be seen.heard for miles.
by Lt. Roastabotch April 24, 2006
(wee-grows) Unkle Toms, sell outs black folks with money who go out of they're way to be seen as white folks with money.
Condoleeza Rice, The Gumble Family, OJ Simpon are all prime examples of whigroes
by Lt. Roastabotch September 02, 2005
An adjective used o describe the annoying habbit of midwesterners to adopt the social/fasion habbits of bigger better cities for lack of they're own uniqueness or style.
See that chick with the ugs and high-water jeans? She is so Mervyns California my ass hurts!!!
by Lt. Roastabotch March 23, 2006
Drooping labia, a woman with said condition. Any vaginal deformation that renders a woman un-beddable.
Suzy is such a droopy!
Sissy just told me the doctor diagnosed her with the droopy.
Shelia's got the droopy.
by Lt. Roastabotch November 22, 2005
(hi-fee) A person (usually a woman) who acts like her shit don't stink or she's too good for anyone. Also includes fasion lemings who'll wear whatever some womens rag will tell them to. Unoriginal botches...
Vanessa is so hifi, it's no wonder she can't keep a man.

I don't like downtown clubs, the chicks are so hifi!
by Lt. Roastabotch March 23, 2006