1 definition by Lt. Famas

the famas a gun using the bullpup design is a substantially accurate/powerful gun. While not as accurate as the m4 this is because of its sights which are of limited use due to the bullpup design. This gun is usually put down as an inferior weapon due to the fact that it is made by the French. These people are dipshits to the extreme. The FFA uses the famas and I myself served in the French foreign legion and I think that the famas is a beatifully working gun. Anyone who stereotypes the French or their weapons should go to France and join the legion to see what its really like
asswipe: dude the fucking famas sucks and so do the French

FFA leiutenant *slams the MOFO down and fires the famas into his leg with pinpoint accuracy

FFA leiutenant: Viva la france!!!!!
by Lt. Famas June 17, 2009

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