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the last major instrument to be introduced to the modern symphony orchestra; a refinement of all others that preceded it, having a conical bore, large cup mouthpiece, and low, unpiercing mellow sound, unless some of the guys from the tuba section of the marching band at the Univesity of Southern California have a blow on one (or 16). May be upright, with a recording bell (this is a "recording bass," not a "recording tuba"--it replaced string basses on early recordings), helicon, sousaphone, or a silly marching version. I have played them all!
(from the latin tuba, meaning trumpet)

The proper name for a tuba player is "tubist," which is a shortened form of "tubaist," which is considered archaic. (Ask your local professional tuba player for details.)
Didn't Gene Pokorny play a great tuba solo in Petrouchka tonight?
by LoyalTubist June 01, 2004
by virtue of my experience and knowledge, you don't have to take someone else's word for it. Trust me.
I don't want to see the New York Phil play another Beethoven symphony. I have played them all.
by LoyalTubist June 01, 2004

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