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Internet celebrity also known as "Chan whore" "Chat Rat" "Troll Killer" And Tommy Bear Jr. He is popular on sites such as myspace, FunnyJunk, Facebook, And 4chan. Tommy Bear has loyal fans who worship his every move and haters also known as "Oldfags" Who want him dead. Rumor has it that hackers have attacked TommyBear but have had no effect.

There has been an ongoing war over this meme. Some call him a "Guru" And other call him "deadfag" When it boils down to it, He's a 20 yr old with a loyal following who will do anything to support him. They have even started a fan club on facebook known as the Tommy Bear Fan Club (Obvious enough)
"Tommy Bear (Tah me- B air )"

1. Tommy Bear is the biggest troll killer known to man.

2. You sir are a guru!

3. We love Tommy Bear.

4. Secretly your girlfriend wants him.
by Loyal Tommy Bear Fans October 15, 2009

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