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One who lives on a low budget. One who drinks heavily, and often forgets about common priorities in life, in order to party first. One who may be a part of, or fan of Lower Life Form. One who resides in the South. One who believes drinking is a sport, or hobby, and not just a social activity.
"Look at that damn Lowlife, hes been curled up on the bathroom floor for two days."
by Lowlife713 February 05, 2007
Derived from the late serial killer and canibal Jeffery Daumer.
One who lurks. One who dresses unfashionably gothic. One who thinks it cool to tell women what he thinks of them, no matter how sick it is. One whos grill is so tore up, it makes Billy Bob teeth look like a colgate ad.
"Look at that dudes gear, what a f@*kin Daumer."
by Lowlife713 February 05, 2007
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