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1)Racial slur for people from the Philipines
2)Used among the youth as just a name, not an insult
3)Is like how the N-word is for black people
4)Name for "arrogant filipino"

5)Was created to mean "f*cking little island people"

I have to use flip in a sentence
1) Language from Guam
3) U.S. territory
2) Distinct island natives who are quickly being invaded by racists, and those racists assume that because they've nearly killed all the original culture of Guam, any one who truelly is chamorro and claims to be is lying and really is one of them...
3)Dance like Hawaiians...ok, I admit it
4)Many are friendly---and would accept the others if they at least acknowledge the history of the past. Guam is anybody's home, you don't have to learn the language, or whatever some believe, but if you won't even bother to learn or respect it's history...then what kind of citizen are you?
"What are you?"
"That doesn't even exist!"
1) Generally pretty cool people
2) Have been called "Asian" or "Pacific Islander"
2) Unfortunately, some are racists, and think every brown person is a filipino...some tend to hate you just because you aren't one of them
3) Tend to be very smart
4) Want to have light skin, and even have skin whitening soaps
5) Many invaded Guam and completely disrespect the culture
"What? You're filipino and you don't even speak the language?"
"Um...I'm from somewhere else..."

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