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1 definition by Lovers of Kell Yeah

1.kell yeah (adj.)
2.kell yeah (pronoun)

The Kell Yeah revolution started in 2005 at Longwood University. Kell Yeah can be used as an expression, example: "kell yeah im going to the party tonight!" It is also the superior nickname of an amazing young lady with enough energy to last a life time! Kell Yeah has led to facebook groups, t-shirts, and she has even made radio appearances. The first part which is simply kell can also be used in an expressive manner for example: "its hot as Kell in here". Kell Yeah however should NEVER be used in a negative way for example: "kell no" This is not appropiate.
Casey : " Hey Ash! Are you going to the party tonight?!"
Ashley : "Kell Yeah I am!"


Lindsey: Hello?
Kelly : Get the Kell out of bed! We're going to Brunch!

ANd Finally,

Brandon : "OMG! It's so Hot!"
John : "I know, it's hot as Kell in here!"
by Lovers of Kell Yeah May 04, 2006
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