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She's the Hottest thing in town! Everyone wants her because she is so dang good looking, but also the funnest person to hang with.

You'll be the envy of every guy when you are with her, especailly because she has a huggge butt that every guy wants!

An AMAZING kisser and girlfriend!!!! Shes the best if you like hardcore make out sessions or just sweet loving kisses. If you have a Gretchen...NEVERRR let her go!

Cool, gorgeous, funny, lovable! Gretchen is also the best friend you could ever ask for and would do anything for you. She'll will always keep you laughing! She has the best smile and is always loving life and making sure everyone is happy :)
Shes all around perfect, doesn't get any better than Gretchen!
I love Gretchen so much, she is just so amazing and gorgeous!
by Lover5550 February 18, 2011

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