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The landscape you "find" yourself looking at when you discover that:

A) The GPS/NAV computer in your rental car tells you to take a turn off that results in your being somewhere other than your intended/desired destination.

B) Your shotgun riding, "navigator" mis-reads the road map, gives you bad directions, and you're LOST.

C) You've incorrectly copied down an address and you're just plain... LOST.

D) All of the above.
"Although I took a wrong turn, got lost, I'm 2 hrs. late and almost outta gas, I saw some pretty nice "unforscenery".
by Lovepirate December 04, 2010
The simple, yet selfish, practice of being a douchebag.
He's displaying a higher than normal level of douchebaggery, I'm afraid…
by Lovepirate December 22, 2014

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