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Dino Run is a online race game where you play as a dinosaur (most likely a raptor) and race against other people's dinosaurs.

But the most popular thing about Dino Run is their chat.

There is a chat on the multiplayer. Like most chats it has the mods who abuse their power and are the "losers" to your average player and the "BFFs" to the cool-kids.

After the mods you have the cool-kids, who never get banned or booted. They either want to be a mod or are applying to become one. Some are buddy-buddy to the mods when the mods are around, and then proceed to insult them behind their backs.

After the cool-kids you have your average-joe. They diss mods, diss cool-kids, and are only friendly with other average people.

The spammers come next. The come to the chat solely to spam.

And after the spammers you have your hardcore gamer. They barely chat, and when they do it's to say: "Want to race?" They're practically invisible and are usually ignored.

The RPers are the most lowly. They are the filth of Dino Run, and all RPers are stuffed into BoneDocks.

The highest known are the hackers. People like "ily" hack and spam, but others hack and help. (ie. spambot was created by a hacker.)
Dino123: I hate my god damn mom.
Mod: No swearing.
Dino123: sorry about that.
Mod: Do that again and you will be booted.
Dino123: sorry.
-20 minutes later Dino123 has left and come back-
Dino123: Hey my biotches! :)
Mod has booted Dino123 for Being a fucking curser.

Mod: Hey Cool-kid!
Cool-kid: Hey Mod! c:
-Mod goes into a race-
Cool-kid: Damn, Mod sucks ass!

Dude11: i'm so bored.
Mod: Me too.
Dude12: i'm really bored too.
Dude11: who wants to race?
Mod: I do!
Dude11: how about you, dude12?
Dude12: sure
Mod: May I join you?
-Dude11 and Dude12 ignore Mod-

Mod has booted Uirjd for Spamming.

Game123: Anyone wanna race?

WolfDesu: -kills WolfKiba-
WolfKiba: -rols ovr nd bits wolfdesu on nek kilin tem in uh singul baite-

ily: HACK durhur.

Loser: Let's go play dino run!
Loser 2: Okay!
by LoveHateWarPeace♥ July 29, 2010
99chats is a fairly popular chat site, which enables users to chat to various people - and the main reason for the site - create chats. The site is pretty user friendly and it's easy to customize your own chat and get some people onto it. However, there is something there for those not planning on creating a chat - or, for that matter - even signing up.

On the front page there is a "tester chat", which is more an anonymous chat on the front page versus an actual tester chat. While on other chat's, this chat is called the main chat. It's popular amongst people who are looking for cybersex. And this chat - the 99chat's chat - is known for it's SC (side chats) in which several people will swarm you with if you enter with a name that seems feminine or sexy (Kate or SexKitten).
John: Let's go on 99chats and make a chat!
Cassy: Okay, I'm also going on the main chat with the username Kat.

Samuel: Everyone in this chat, let's go to the main chat!
Smith: Sure.
Joe: Okay!
by LoveHateWarPeace♥ August 04, 2010
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