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A Beautiful and mythical beast, Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter is thought to be the results of a horrible genetic experiment. A Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter is a hybrid between a bat, pig, yoda, a frog, stitch, dog and Anne Boleyn. Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenters are often preceded by a unique overpowering and pungent flatulent stench and/or odd snorting/gurgling sounds.

"Fadi Enchees/Enchis" as they are often referred to, display Charlie Sheen like ability to get away with near murder. Their extreme fuglieness is the source of their power.

You can often find Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenters engaging in short intense bouts of frantic/manic and seemingly pointless activities followed by prolonged periods of extreme lethargy and sonic snoring.

Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenters will eat any animal, plant, or mineral substance offered to them at any time regardless of their actual need for nutrients, although they are not adept at the act of chewing.

If you encounter a Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter, your best chance to escape a severe slobbering is to distract the creature with a squeaky object and then run at a medium pace in the opposite direction. Do not strain yourself and risk pulling muscles, Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenters are NOT know for their speed or athletic abilities.
Did you see that Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter? I've never seen anything that simultaneously cute and ugly!

If there is a God, Fadi Enchilada was surely made from all the left over parts.

She may be dumb, but at least she's no Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter!

I know I shouldn't, but I really want to touch that Fadi Enchilada Cookie Kenter.
by LoveFadi1 March 02, 2011

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