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An abbreviated form of 'totally'. Used in conversation because one syllable is better than three.
Barry: 'I am totes going to the party! It's going to be immense!'
Barney: 'Hells yeah!'
by LoveBastard March 10, 2008
Shortened version of whatever that is far superior to whatevz due to it's being a monosyllable, and more confusing to the uninitiated.
Juliet: 'I'm gonna whip you at Wii tennis'
Craig: 'Ha! Wevz to you Juliet'
by LoveBastard August 08, 2007
Never. The thing you suggest will never occur.
Steve: 'I'm going to pwn you at this game'
Fred: 'Nevz! You're going down!'
by LoveBastard August 08, 2007
'I had an erection'

Used with the emphasis on the 'had' when something is a let down or has disappointed, especially when the speaker was very excited about the something in question. The point is that the erection is no longer there.
Billy: 'Dude, that show was totes rubbish, I mean, I had an erection'
Bob: 'Homes, I know exactly what you mean. I'm totes flaccid now.'
by LoveBastard March 10, 2008
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