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Lyndsey is the girl ANY guy would like to be with.She is known as the most prettiest and awesomeness by any guy that has good taste.You can call her Lynda(which means beautiful in spanish),gorgeous,sweetheart and most importantly yours if you're lucky to have one.If you're with a Lynsey well you can consider your life to be full of happiness.She is worth fighting and holding on for.She's a lovable friendly great girl.Love her as much as you can and never let her change her mind about you.She is truly a girl that can make your life a million times even better. :)
Guy 1:You see that girl man?

Guy 2: yeah?

Guy 1: Thats what you call a Lyndsey,she is truly the best girl any lucky guy could be with!

Guy 2: Man you are so correct!
by Love4ever10-30 January 11, 2011

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