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The Cancer Bats are band of debatable genre (mostly hardcore/ metalcore/ punk) from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) who epitomize the punk lifestyle; living out of their vans, eating cheap food and partying all night every night. They have been together officially since 2004, released their first album in 2006 (Birthing the Giant), and have just released their newest album (Hail Destroyer).
The Cancer Bats consist of:
Liam Cormier- Vocals
Scott Middleton- Guitar
Jaye R. Schwarzer- Bass
Mike Peters- Drums
To date they have featured such artists as Alexisonfire's Wade MacNeil and George Pettit, Rise Against's Tim McIlrath, and Billy Talent's Ben Kowalewicz on their tracks.
They are the peddlers of the "be sweet or die" lifestyle/phrase.
The Cancer Bats are awesome and their shows are rad.
by Love Martha May 19, 2008

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