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Also known as "scene", popsexual is a teenage trend. Kids following this trend are not difficult to find, mostly because they insist on being the center of attention. They love big bright fake hair and whatever sells at Hot Topic. These kids are brighter than a box of highlighters and usually covered in piercings.
The teenagers you see in Hot Topic that look like they got shit on by a rainbow.

Parent: Why in the name of arse do you want thirty different colours in your hair?!
Popsex teen: Because it's popsexual, duh!
by Loulou Brutal August 11, 2008
There are two main types of scene bands,
one is of talent, and I'm not going to cover them.

The other type is the talentless mix of beats from old fifty cent songs with added sound effects from their macbook combined with annoying cocky lyrics from homosexual sounding voices that go back and forth between rapping and screamo

Most of these people were discovered on Myspace and are "totally original", which is supposedly why scene kids go crazy for them.

Usually, they dress like they've just picked up everything in an 80s thrift store, have a million piercings in places you didn't know they pierced, and have the ideal "scene hair"
a scene band is:
Jeffree Star
Dot Dot Curve :)
The Medic Droid
I Set My Friends On Fire
and pretty much everything on the Warped Tour list.
by loulou brutal January 16, 2009

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