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A third rate hick city in Kentucky white percentages of inbreeds and white trash. A city that smells like ass most everywhere you go. Bad drivers all around and you'll nearly have an accident every day going to work. Its a given because the locals don't have the mentality to properly merge or act as if they have any sense behind the wheel. A city of fake people that general act as if they are the greatest yet severely behind the times technology wise. Very unclean city, trashy, and a stark mixture of post industrial buildings, ghetto neighborhoods, and trash blowing all over the place including the grass lined areas along interstates. Schools are terrible evidence by being 118th out of 154 KY school systems.

Large amount of ghetto illiterates both white, black, and Hispanic that can't function in the real world so they live in Louisville. Ran down buildings, one interesting week out of the year, and provincial behavior with a mix of tribalism.
eg. We's from Da Ville, we're too lazy to say Louisville. So we has to say dat because we have no edyewcayshun.
by Louisvillesux March 20, 2011

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