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An Habbo X is a expert player who works on a voluntary basis on the large social networking website, Habbo Hotel owned and operated by the Sulake Corporation, Finland. It's there responsibility to assist new Habbos on getting the grip with Habbo Hotel.

Recently there has been allot of controversy over whether Habbo Experts are doing the job just for the fame, and additional freebies that Habbo give these players. The majority of expert players lounge around in the Welcome Lounge on Habbo Hotel, and socialize with there upper class friends and blatantly ignore new players, and often fob them off with excuses.

Expert players are sensitive to these remarks, and often deny the accusations when you confront them. Soon after confrontation, you often find yourself with a heft permanent ban for "unacceptable behavior".
n00b: hi mr x could you plz help me! im new to habbo!

Habbo X: No! Piss off, you're to illiterate to speak to me!

n00b: wattt?

Habbo X: *Clicks Blue Question Mark, and reports the n00b to a Moderator*

DvDaf: *Bans the n00b* - I did nothing!!! Honest!!!

Habbo X: :) where was I? ow yea, as I was saying I have no social life.. *bla bla*
by Louise Barker February 16, 2008
DvDaf is a popular, and well known person from the large social networking web site "Habbo Hotel", owned and operated by the Sulake Corporation. Known for his self dignified image across the higher hierarchy within the Hotel, he socialized amongst many of the Staff who worked for Sulake.

In 2006, classified information regarding DvDaf was exposed to the public after Habbo Hotel was exploited by a group of hackers from Krews, an Habbo Hotel exploiting site. It was declared that DvDaf belonged to a group of undercover Hobbas employed, and distributed by Sulake to tackle and reduce the amount of scamming within Habbo Hotel. DvDaf denied all accusations of being an undercover Hobba, and proclaimed he possessed no powers on the hotel, and that he was just a regular member.

Soon after the accusations in November 2006, DvDaf became an Habbo X (eXpert Player), although speculations accumulated that it was a decoy for DvDaf, and that it was another tactic by Sulake to use popular members of the community to overcome the problem of foul play within Habbo Hotel. DvDaf soon left Habbo Hotel in 2007.

Members would often find that when DvDaf was in the room, and characters were often misbehaving, they'd promtly be either alerted by an in-game message asking them to stop or soon find themselves to be booted from the hotel with a nifty ban. However members have learnt that there are conspiracy's within Habbo Hotel, and that often most are true.
Habbo: What is it with DvDaf? He's always up too something! I could of swore he his a Hobba

n00b: no no! dvdaf ent a hobba! im reportin j'oo to a mod!

DvDaf: *Bans the Habbo*

n00b: That showed him DvDaf!

DvDaf I didn't do nothing... honest!
by Louise Barker February 16, 2008
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