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The land where the Quebecers live.
The majority of the population is mixed in the 4 major ethic group, the french (who comes from the colonization by the french empire, 400 years ago), the british (who comes from the Conquest 250 or so years ago by the british empire) the Indigenous nations (who lived there before the european came here) and the irish (who immigrated here because of the famine that occured in their country conquered by the British). There is the Neo-Quebecers(the immigrants of the last century) who majorly flee the wars of the 20th century or wanted to live in a new contry.

The official language is the french because it is spoken by the majority of the population.
"Je vis au Québec, donc je suis un Québecois."
I live in Quebec, so i'm a quebecer.
by Louis Desjardins April 12, 2008
A group of three french Quebecers who fights for freedom and independance, in Quebec.

"J'envoie la censure pour l'échafaud" -- Loco Locass

"Libérez-nous des libéraux !!" -- Loco Locass
by Louis Desjardins April 12, 2008

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