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Any Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
A woman sits on a running Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the world's largest vibrator) and the vibrations can cause her to have an orgasm.
by Louis Coffin July 29, 2007
When your gal doesn't want to have sex because it's her time of month, but offers you oral instead.
My girlfriend said, "Honey I started my period, sorry". Then she proceeded to give me head. I was in Red Bliss.
by Louis Coffin September 08, 2007
A Car Wash is giving a girl anal sex then having her perform oral sex so you can follow up with vaginal sex.
After banging Lezli in the ass I had her go down on me so I could bang her in the pussy with less risk of her getting a vaginal infection. Car Wash was coined by me in summer of 2002.
by Louis Coffin July 29, 2007
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