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Offensive in a very cruel and unforgiveable way!
Son 1: "I fucking hate you! Your just a stupid whore! You've never done anything right! I feel like vomiting when I think that I could have come from you! WHY DON'T YOU JUST JUMP OFF A FUCKING CLIFF!!!!!!"

Mother: *cries*

-------------------BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SON 1 Dies*

Son 2(shooter): "People with such morbidly-obese intentions don't deserve to live."
by Louis*aka Masta Killa* February 15, 2008
Going to far while insulting others or overly indulging in the act of making someone feel bad.

being-an-ass, being-a-bitch, fucked-up, a-low-blow
Guy 1: God Damn! your a fucking ugly whore. You'd be lucky to be called a brown-bag-special. If I was drunk and let you suck my dick I'd probably have to cut it off afterward!

Girl: *cries*

Guy 2: Dude, that was OBESE!
by Louis*aka Masta Killa* February 15, 2008

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