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1 definition by LouieLouieLouie

The other entries for Suboxone don't really go into recreational use, so I'll shed some light on it as a recreational Suboxone user of two years.

The pills (and god forsaken sublingual strips) contain 8mg of buprenorphine. A typical (insuflated) recreational dose for someone who doesn't otherwise use opiates is 2 milligrams, simply referred to as "a quarter", because it's a quarter of the pill/strip. First time users should begin with 1mg, or "an eighth".

Suboxone doesn't need to be insuflated, although it is most common among recreational users. Taking it orally/sublingually, as medically intended, does not yield great results as the bioavailibility with these routes of administration are very low.

Shooting it yields the best results. Despite people saying that Naloxone (present in Suboxone) prevents people from administering it intravenously, it works best. Only an eighth is needed to get high, even for fairly tolerant users, and effects are felt in as little as ten minutes.

Always begin with an eighth of a sub when trying it for the first time, and take Dramamine or Benadryl with it, as the high is unusually long and can cause nausea.

Always use sterile rigs when shooting up, and don't share.
"Man, Bryce wouldn't sell me the quarter when I was dry and he just bough seven subs! What a fiend."

"I'd better not drink too much tonight, I just hit the sub."

"Bummer, Andrew's parents cut off his Suboxone prescription."
by LouieLouieLouie August 25, 2011
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