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1)when you empty out all the tobacco from a cigarette and fill it up with weed because you can't roll a good blunt (filter still intact)
2)stuffing weed into a cigarette with some tobacco still inside (filter still intact)
Applies to both definition:
Person1: Why do you have all those cigs?
Person2: Because everytime I roll a blunt all my shit falls out, thats why I have to make cigaweed.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 23, 2005
a Mexican with a hard accent who just came from Mexico and lives in America as if they were still in Mexico, can be used to insult a Mexican
Juan: Are you bisa?
Manny: ¿Que? ¿Que es bisa?
by Louie XIX Reyes November 18, 2005
1) one who represents a gang/set by wearing that gang/set's colors but represents another set by wearing a different color

2) A person you wears blue then next red then green etc. different gang colors everyday
AJ: Didn't you wear red yesterday? Man, you a set hopper.

by Louie XIX Reyes November 22, 2005
to beat/kill someone who is statically better than you used in an online game
Pwn3dchoo all n00bs!!! Thought you were 1337? well I just pwn3dchoo.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 18, 2005
another way to say "shitty", commonly used by Bloods
Louie: Damn Bluh, I went to Barl's Jr. and their fries are yitty as hell.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 18, 2005
1) a person who acts black, somoan, etc depending on who that person hangs out with
Patrick: Floppycock why dont you just go on your racecar and eat rice and be happy? (in response to someone saying "Ayy Sully" after that person just said "Sup nigga
by Louie XIX Reyes November 22, 2005
used to say something is better than something else
Louie: My hairs owns your hair.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 22, 2005

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