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sheezy alternate meaning for shit; but also means sure..or fo sho like afore mentioned
fo sheezy my neezy, uncle wheezy.
that hsit's off the chain, fo sheezy necca
sheezy dawg, that just ain't even righteous.
by louie February 05, 2005
Fighting to the death for a totally futile cause.
He died for his cause, the plight of the out of work wagon wheel makers.
by Louie October 19, 2004
Acting like a little girl, or doing something fruity. also know as a sissy.
"look he's scared to catch the ball because he hurt his finger, that bitch ass feminess". go play house or somthing"
by louie February 01, 2005
Bushman-Giggle – Noun – The region between the chin and the Adam’s apple

Bushman – Noun – The part of the body that is also known as the chin

Giggle – Noun – The part of the body that is also known as the Adam’s apple

Louie & Tony
Framers of "The Book of Merng"
I Mernged her on her Bushman-Giggle.
by Louie December 11, 2004
Someone that is obese, also like obea
Louis is obea because he ate the pantry
by Louie September 28, 2003
This is the concept of making something SO simple that it actually becomes complex.
You have simplified this system so much that it is hard to understand and now has a high simplexity level
by Louie October 19, 2004
When a person does something stupid you say wow take that uh.
Wow take that uh, louie ate the whole pantry
by Louie September 28, 2003

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