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A street in New Orleans' french quarter. This street is the site of many U.F.B.'s(unidentified flashed boobs) also the home to the most powerful drink in N.O. the hand grenade. Three or four of these bad boys and even the most hard core drinker will be stumblin'. Also home to the 64oz plastic beer bottle filled with your drink of choice(my personal favorite). Mardi Gras and bourbon street go hand in hand(hints the U.F.B.'s). Often times sober visitors will find that on arrival to this famous street they are disgusted at the stinch of old beer,piss,puke,and that their feet stick to the brick streets, but as they leave they fully understand why the street is the way it is because by two or three in the morning they have managed to contribute by spilling a drink, throwing up somewhere, and pissing on someone's doorstep or any random place they can find to do so (just don't let N.O.P.D. catch you).
After a night on bourbon street they'll be so hung over they'll be tellin you. "Man, last night I got bourbon faced on shit street."
by Loudoginsidethevan January 16, 2007

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