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A shit, having the consistency of toothpaste, that contains enough mass so as it stacks upon itself it will create a pile of shit in the toilet bowl that breaches the water level in the bowl. The pile of crap in the toilet will resemble a volcano. (Vesuvius is a famous volcano in Italy.)
I don't know what I ate for lunch, but by two o'clock I had dropped a vesuvius in stall # 2
by Lou_III September 27, 2006
High riders are breasts that are positioned significantly higher up than average on the female chest without requiring any support to do so. The exact opposite of two tennis balls in a pair of panty-hose.
Did you see the high riders on that waitress?

Weird...one stripper has hangers but the other has high riders.

by Lou_III December 22, 2006
A violent shit that rockets out of the ass at a very high rate of speed.
Jim: The stupid dog I was pet sitting swallowed a sock.
Steve: Really? What happened?
Jim: I took him to the vet and just before they were going to operate he shit the sock out at super speed.
Steve: Like a fecal torpedo?
Jim: Exactly.

Rob: How was lunch at the Chinese/Indian buffet place?
Lou: It was ok but half an hour later I had a fecal torpedo in stall #2
by Lou_III January 30, 2009

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