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"Chop Off Your Dick"
Mostly used in Instant Messaging.
HotGuy847: Hey, wanna have cyber sex?
SexyBabe634: Go COYD, asshole!!!
by LouDog April 06, 2004
A bad ass muther-fucker from the O.T.C.

Originated in 2003 from a mixture or "|C|ory |Poo|le".
I'm tough, I'm cool, I'm Cory Poole
by LouDog June 16, 2004
Noun: Code for cocaine, used amongst the purveyors and consumers of that particular drug. Most commonly used either as Eric or Clapton.
Yo B you got a 20 track of some Clapton?
B:Nah cuz im fresh out of Eric.
by Loudog December 11, 2004
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