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a spanish name meaning joy
Hola, me llamo Leticia (Hello my name is Leticia)
by LottieCia May 07, 2008
a small, dominatrix female who enjoys being on top during sex
That camille rode me.
by LottieCia November 26, 2007
The sexy way to spell Leticia

Means joy
That girl is Letycia
by LottieCia May 07, 2008
the speech flu, when one becomes sick on the day she or he has to give a speech
Katie: Where where you yesterday?
Kali: I got a case of the splu.
by LottieCia December 20, 2007
a small dominatrix woman who enjoys sex and always rides on top
Don't date her, I heard she's a camille.
by LottieCia December 20, 2007
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