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Niccolo Machiavelli.
Italian statesman during the 15th and 16th centuries.

He wasn't the figure of corruption he is now taken to be, but a man who thought it was worth accepting a lesser evil to perpetuate a greater good. His skill, seen by those who disagreed with him, seemed almost demonic, which is how his name has become used now.
"The minister's plans are not merely Orwellian, let alone Gibsonian.
They go far beyond circumstantial risk of a worrying future for many, even beyond one that might be deliberately made hard by beaurocracy.
These proposals strike deep at the core of our values. While they appear to be patriotic and well-meaning, as was Machiavelli himself, apparently, in this case they truly deserve the derogatory use of his name, as they put the minister and his associates first, and abuse the political system in their intent to maintain their place in office."
by Lostgallifreyan January 11, 2005
George Orwell, early writer of science fiction.
A narrative or prophesy of events caused by political manipulation, characterised by impersonality and suspicion, and especially by an almost savagely comical dissembling that prevents serious challenge to them on logical grounds.
"The minister's intent, while not exactly Machiavellian, is at least Orwellian.
I might describe it as Gibsonian, but this scheme would result in troubles that would not be mere circumstance, but the work of beaurocratic design."
by Lostgallifreyan January 11, 2005

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