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6 definitions by Lost

weired to say a female is womanizing while all she longs for is a man
The girl is manizing
by lost April 12, 2005
4 3
The act of a female having her first actual orgasm, and then realizing it.
Holy shit, I think you just popped my tart.
by LosT January 16, 2014
0 0
WWE Wrestler Triple H's nickname.
"Here comes The Game, he is going to be facing Chris Jericho tonight!"
by Lost April 14, 2004
44 44
a person who lags at t/a and insists on taking advantage of such said lag by using flying bombs
sidewinder is a pazzard
by LOST September 13, 2003
0 0
a dirty person of ill repute
sidewinder is a slomichk
by LOST September 13, 2003
6 7
proper noun. Someone who lives at Aphrodite's Nasty Shack of Love.
Damn, I bored. I wonder what the Aphrodites are doing.
by Lost February 04, 2004
8 26