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weired to say a female is womanizing while all she longs for is a man
The girl is manizing
by lost April 12, 2005
The act of a female having her first actual orgasm, and then realizing it.
Holy shit, I think you just popped my tart.
by LosT January 16, 2014
WWE Wrestler Triple H's nickname.
"Here comes The Game, he is going to be facing Chris Jericho tonight!"
by Lost April 14, 2004
a person who lags at t/a and insists on taking advantage of such said lag by using flying bombs
sidewinder is a pazzard
by LOST September 13, 2003
a dirty person of ill repute
sidewinder is a slomichk
by LOST September 13, 2003
proper noun. Someone who lives at Aphrodite's Nasty Shack of Love.
Damn, I bored. I wonder what the Aphrodites are doing.
by Lost February 04, 2004

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