3 definitions by LoserBitch

1.a cute ass animal in Jak and Daxter
2.greek demi-godessez each with a diffferent talent, they inspire humans.
3.a VERY good band from britian
1.just play Jak and Daxter
2.muse of astronomy, might have been said to inspire galilaeo (sp?)
3.just listen to them, there really good..BUT NOT AS GOOD AS FINCH!! finch is like..uh..sex for your ears???
by LoserBitch February 19, 2005
ass holes who think everything revolves around them and that every thing they do should be worshiped (much like cathlics) they tend to where things like abercrombie aropostle, hollister, and american eagle, but are now pushing into skater shit (like those preppy bitch can even skate!!!) and they have been pushing into the punks/goths clothing and corrupting hot topic, they are like peices of tumble weed that move from one fad to the next, and are ass holes that should be avoided, or even better, killed on sight.
bitches that like to shreik at everything, and should die
by LoserBitch February 19, 2005
a gignamously huge peice of shit, the kind that breaks your fucking butt hole when it comes out
fat dump
by LoserBitch February 19, 2005

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