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The depressed feeling you get after going to a convention and seeing friends. The afflicted usually desperately text or call everyone they know from the convention, spend ridiculous amounts of time on facebook and forums where they find their friends from the convention, and go over every memory hundreds of times.
Man, now that PortCon is over I have some major postcon blues.

I'm dreading the postcon blues feeling I'll have next week.
by LosahLosah June 28, 2011
The male version of Frenimies. Bronemies can be legitimate friends for some time, but usually are divided by a girl (or two ... or nine). They tend to make up in the end and return to being reluctant bronemies.
Man, Deadpool and Spiderman are total bronemies.

Ever since he went out with his friend's ex, they've been total bronemies.
by LosahLosah June 29, 2011
To epically fail as a con.
Wow, that new gaming con looks like it's going to majorly KamiKon.
by LosahLosah November 07, 2010
The most amazing anime and gaming convention in history. Located in Portland, Maine, it is medium to small, but very comfortable and welcoming. The staff, guests, and attendees alike all rock. There is also a good mixture of 18+ events (such as Extreme Geek or the Auction) and greate vents for everyone (such as the techno dance party or boff). Anyone who goes, whether he or she is only there for social gatherings or if he or she is crazy about anime and gaming, will have an amazing time. Everyone should check it out.
Man, PortCon is a thousand times better than kamikon.

I can't wait to see everyone at PortCon this year!!

I have major postcon blues after PortCon.
by LosahLosah June 28, 2011

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