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Quite possibly one of the greatest bands in existence
(of course that's just an opinion, you may disagree )

Consisting of:
Dick Valentine (vocals)
The Colonel (guitar)
Johnny Na$hinal (guitar)
Smorgasbord! (bass)
Tait Nucleus? (keyboards)
Percussion World (drums)

Responsible for such albums as: Fire, Flashy, Senor Smoke, Switzerland, I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master

Responsible for the songs: Gay Bar, Dance Commander, Danger! High Voltage, Gay Bar pt 2, Graphic Designer, Down at McDonaldz, and many more musical masterpieces
Guy 1: Dude, Electric six is the best band ever.

Guy 2: I concur with the previous statement
by LosGerMexicano June 23, 2009
A one night stand you regret,
Dude, last night i had such a regretfuk, i think i caught something. (adjective form) "Man im so regretfuk about last night"
by LosGerMexicano April 14, 2009
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