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A group of high school individuals from a small protected bubble of a town called "Los Alamos" who are centered on themselves and stirring up "drama". The girls have had sex with all your friends so don't feel special when you get laid. Half the population is set on getting high all the time and attending parties so they can get drunk and have an excuse to fuck everyone in the student body. People are flat out pussies, you will never have to "step" to anyone because the only kind of fighting people know are the passive aggressive shit talking behind your back and fucking with your car/house.

The party scene? horrible. Everyone "wants" to party but everyone's too much of a lazy piece of shit to set anything up. And when a house is open, the person who's house it is will keep it a total secret and invite 4 people over. Yeah some party. The only way to break this cycle is to find out where it is and crash the fuck outta that place! We used to have the mountains but now you can call it a big pile of ash so even the spirit of mountain parties is dying. Whatever this town is fucked! Go fuck yourself Hilltoppers!
"Gosh us Hilltoppers are the coolest people in the whole world nothing bad can ever happen to us!"

*Leaves los alamos and drives through espanola*
"Whatsup bitches!!!"

"Don't worry babe I would never cheat on you at the pary tonight"
The next day...
"So how was the party?"
"Oh it was boring, I barely even drank..."
by LosAlamosSucks September 09, 2011

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