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The filthiest of prostitutes. A prostitute that sells access to their colostomy hole. This is also a prostitute of the drug addicted and homeless variety. Can also be another name for a colostomy hole. The term comes from a prostitute from Dallas who has become a local celebrity because of his trips to the emergency rooms of Dallas hospitals; and the fact that he literally has EVERY STD and form of hepatitis.
You are such a side-pocket!
by Los026 December 10, 2010
Something or someone that is stretched further than they/it should be, maybe a little torn and bloody, coated in semen, excrement, and possibly a lube of some sort. A shitty, nasty, wrecked person or thing.
Jerret you are such a buttsexhole!

If we don't get federal spending under control our country is in trouble because our budget is a buttsexhole as it is.

Wow, the sandwiches in this place are some buttsexholes.
by Los026 January 12, 2012
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