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Primarily based on 3 Variation of Mexicans, Spanish(white, non blonde)decent to Spanish and Native Mexican mixture decent to Mexican Indian decent, all grouped together. A sub-race name to unit these people together to help each other, to be aware that they have the same culture, pride, langauge, foods, and heart for mexico and to back up the mexican country with it's beautiful and holy moral religion and right and equality for all people, basically Mexican became way of life( like democracy), like an example ship to the world that this sub races names can work together from the heart and to prove that it's a world not about the outside complexion, but the heart of the person that going to bring peace into this world, and it's not about whether a country is rich or poor, but the Human that is the real tresure in this world. Also to unit so to be aware from racial and ethical attacks from Americans(English decent)and for LA RAZA to help each other out from these evil and foolish attacts, and LA RAZA became alive and it became a way of life.
LA RAZA extend to almost black passing dark brown to very white.
LA RAZA extend to almost black passing dark brown to very white
by Los Angeles July 21, 2006

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