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Anyone familiar with cloth diapering has most likely heard the term "rubber diaper", or "rubber diapers" before. It's slang for rubber pants. Children are famous for calling rubber pants "rubber diapers", as one of my daughters did.
Mrs. Smith was in changing diapers on the baby and called out to Mrs. Jones to bring her in two diapers, and a rubber diaper.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 06, 2006
A diaper layette (diapering supplies). The actual diapers themselves along with any and all other necessary items, associated with the use of those diapers. The term "diaper layette" most often refers to cloth diapering, rather than disposable diapering. Diaper layette, all essential diapering equipment and supplies as needed.
The babies diaper layette consisted of 4 dozen flat fold flannelette diapers, 6 diaper pins, 8 pairs of rubber pants, a diaper pail, and a dozen baby wash cloths.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. September 25, 2006
The outline and shape of diapers showing through from under outer clothing being worn over top of the diapers. The tell tale sign and indication that diapers are being worn. Diaper lines, the outline of bulky diapers.
Several of the children at the birthday party displayed diaper lines.

Even through the baby's baggy pyjama bottoms, visible diaper lines could be seen.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. September 25, 2006
A rash found on a baby's bottom. The result of wet or dirty diapers being worn for extended periods of time, without being changed. Bulky or thickly padded diapers rubbing against a baby's tender bottom, inducing irritation, otherwise known as diaper rash. A red, sore, swollen, pimple like rash on a baby's bottom.
The baby's diaper rash was confined to the elasticized openings of the rubber pants.

Babies who wear cloth diapers suffer less occurances of diaper rash, compared to babies who wear disposable diapers.

Babies in the daycare centre sometimes got diaper rash from wearing rubber pants outside on a hot day.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 27, 2006
Traditionally, diaper service is a service that provides all of the laundering needs and care of baby cloth diapers used in ones home, for a weekly or monthly fee.

Diaper service is a business that dedicates itself to picking up wet and soiled cloth diapers from surrounding households in it's service area, then once all of the diapers are picked up, the diapers are brought back to a commercial or private facility or setting, and laundered in accordance to strict diaper service guidelines, policies, rules, and regulations.

Diaper service diapers are frequently tested for proper PH balance to help prevent diaper rash, and are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and 100% sanitized once serviced. Once the laundering and care process is complete, the freshly laundered diapers are folded, stacked, and delivered back to all of the households were the diapers originally came from, allowing the parents to reuse the diapers once again with confidence.

Diaper service eliminates the need for all of the rinsing, dunking, swishing, soaking, washing, and drying so many of us associate with the use of reusable home-laundered baby cloth diapers.

Diaper service, a service that provides busy mothers with an alternative to traditional home-laundered diaper washing and drying.
Mrs Smith carried the diaper pail out to the back porch of the house quickly, in preparation of the diaper service delivery truck stopping by.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 22, 2006
Cloth diapers are diapers that can be laundered and used over and over again, multiple times. Fashioned out of soft absorbent material such as flannel, birdseye cotton, or gauze, cloth diapers are most commonly fastened with safety pins and worn with protective waterproof panties over top. Traditional old-fashioned cloth diapers are rectangle or square in shape, sheet styled in appearance, and require folding in order to be used on a baby or child. Standard traditional cloth diapers are white in colour.
In the dayhome we strictly used cloth diapers on all of the children.

The kids ran around inside the home wearing nothing but rubber pants and cloth diapers.

The child toddled around in loosely pinned cloth diapers.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. December 10, 2006
A diaper changing table is a special table that allows easy diaper changing of babies. A table of counter top height, baby changing tables are equipped with shelving to hold supplies such as diapers, rubber pants, pins, ointment, training pants, baby wash cloths, change pads, etc. Baby diaper changing tables are most often equipped with vinyl changing pads on top of them, and a safety strap to secure active babies in place while changing diapers.
The daycare where I worked had 2 diaper changing tables in the nursery room.

I laid the baby down on top of the diaper changing table before bedtime, to change his diapers.

I noticed that the top shelf of the baby diaper changing table had two neatly folded stacks of cloth diapers on it, along with several pairs of rubber pants and some diaper pins.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. November 01, 2006

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