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To be blinded by a woman's shortcomings, such as lack of personality, intelligence, or attractiveness because of the size and/or presentation of the woman's breasts.
"Why is he seeing Jill? She is as dumb as rock and she has a hideous laugh."

"I don't know. I think he's just breastmatized by her double-Ds."

by Lori Wildrick August 30, 2007
To be checked on and/or watched by office personnel. Activity is most common to events in which people may be having too much fun or are getting loud enough for it to be obvious that work activities are not being performed.

To be caught participating in a non-productive activity.
John's doing another lap around the cubicles; we are totally being sharked.

or -

Seeing any more than three people in a cubicle at any given time caused the office manager to shark the building.
by Lori Wildrick August 30, 2007

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