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1) a person, generally White, who holds the principles of classical liberalism close to heart but not nearly as close as he clenches his wallet when he sees non-White folks approach; 2) a total hypocrite who preaches harmony and praises tolerance but will bust his ass to move kith and kin to the nearest gated community the second he spots a doo-rag
Note: While the term derives from the combination of "White" and "liberal", it can apply to all colors
a) "I'm so glad Bush will be out soon," Tom said as he poured his coffee in the breakroom. "He's oblivious to the whole 'Jena 6' thing and-"
"Yeah, the new guy in the cubicle next to me has a couple of posters up about it," Jim interrupted.
"Wha-? What new guy?"
"You know? Jamal - he was introduced to everyone two days ago."
"Fuck," Tom exclaimed. "My laptop is right... I forgot to turn my laptop off. The-, the battery's bad," Tom said as he rushed out the door.
"Yeah...," Jim huffed. "Fuckin' wib."

b) "OJ Simpson is such a wib."
by Lorenz February 08, 2008

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