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one who cuts off the penis of their husband and/or significant other.
"omg i just pulled a bobbit ... i cut off my husband's wang!"
by Lorena April 20, 2005
A word I made up to explain me .A group of classified losers that will never stop being losers after a certain event in their life.
Ex. Last week I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and walked right into the wall were everyone laughed and then pointed.

Ex 2. I was walking to recieve my award for my report on Leadership and I fell flat on my face at the convention.

Ex sentence- That girl got loser-ite-us last week after she farted on stage in front of the whole school.
by Lorena March 06, 2005
A happy person that loves to be happy. They can either have plenty of friends or backstabbing weasel friends. They can either be sluts or act like one. Even not all of them are, its a common sterotype. They usually have their own accent and use the words Totally; babe; like; major; whatever; talk to the hand; OMG; ect.

A scary overly active person

Commonly called cheerleader

Coke addicts (at least in my school)
"like OMG He is a total BABE"

Today Mina was acting all preppy after she had those bags of sugar.

Person 1"She's so preppy."
Person 2 "She's a cheerleader she has to be or she's in the wrong sport."
by Lorena March 11, 2005

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