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Faithful to a person or a cause; firmly in alliance to somebody or something. Always there for somebody when they need you.
"Ladies, it's not fair to compare men to dogs. Men are not dogs; dogs are loyal. They never leave you, they're always there for you, and they can lick their own balls."
-Wanda Sykes on comparing men to dogs.

Abbie and Sam did not always agree as siblings, but Abbie's move from home to Yale and Sam's assistance reaffirmed the family's loyal bond.
by Loreleili July 30, 2011
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From Arabic harIm (literally "something forbidden") and haram (literally "a sanctuary")

In Turkey, Persia, and other areas of the Middle East, the harem was a section of a palace where the women of the palace lived. Contrary to popular belief, the harem was not a brothel; that's simply a Western viewpoint. The harem did house the wives (and sometimes concubines) of the Shah, but his female relatives also lived there.

Still, there are many cases where a group of females linked sexually to one male (or males linked to one female) is referred to as a harem.
Sure, the harem is associated with polygamous sexual relations, but not all of them are based on sex: a woman with a large group of gay male friends could refer to them as her "harem".
by Loreleili February 21, 2006
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Old usage: a female dog (slut became a euphamism for bitch in the 1800s)

-Use one: a domineering, spiteful female (although little is said criticizing domineering, spiteful males, who are sometimes known as arseholes)

-Use two: the subserviant person in a sexual relationship (or a term for a servant).

-Use three: verb. "To complain" about something.

"Bitch" (spiteful woman) in other languages:

Bosnian: kucka f
Breton: louskenn f, liboudenn f
Finnish: narttu
French: chienne f, salope f, garce f, chipie f, rosse f, putain f
German: Schlampe f, hure f
Hungarian: kurva, ribanc
Interlingua: puta, putana f
Italian: stronza f, troia f
Lithuanian: kale; f
Norwegian: tispe f
Polish: suka f, dziwka f
Portuguese: puta f, vagabunda f
Russian: cyka f
Scottish Gaelic: galla f, siùrsach f
Slovak: kurva f
Spanish: puta f, culeda f
Swedish: slyna c, subba c
-"What a cute doggie! Boy or girl?"
-"She's a bitch."

"Kyle's mom 's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch,
she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch,
She's a bitch to all the boys and girls!" -Eric Cartman from South Park

The lyrics can be applied to any body that we hate!

"Ann Coulter's a bitch, she's a lyin’ bitch,
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch,
She's a bitch to all the Liberals!"

I'll stop bitching about that nasty bitch right now.

Peppermint Patty is the butch; Marcie is the bitch/femme in their relationship.
by Loreleili February 14, 2006
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1. An animal used for meat and for milk. Domesticated. Sadly, this animal has had a rather bloody history, and not even their babies are safe from being turned into food; the little ones become an evil food known as veal.

2. A term for a nasty, stupid, and/or promiscuous person (usually female), despite that cows are cute and relatively intelligent animals.
I'd call Ann Coulter an ignorant cow, but that would be insulting to the cow; cows (and dogs) are too cute and too smart to be seen as horrible; she's a fly.
by Loreleili February 23, 2006
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To cut with sweeping strokes.

In British slang, it means to urinate.

A famous guitarist.

A genre of fanfiction in which two characters are engaged in a homosexual love affair. The name comes from the slash between the two characters featured; Kirk/Spock, Sam/Frodo, Pippin/Merry, and so forth. Gay male pairings are usually referred to as yaoi, and especially with anime.

Femslash or femmeslash is used when the couple is a lesbian couple; Arwen/Eowyn, Galadriel/Luthien, et cetera. Yuri is the term used for femmeslash in anime.

Slash ranges in subject matter from innocent crushes to passionate, endearing love to explicit erotica. The story can also range from perky and humorous to dramatic and angsty to heartbreakingly tragic, and have a sweet to harsh quality.

Although gay males are often thought to be the main writers of slash, young, heterosexual women are the ones who write most of the slash... thus becoming good friends of gay men.

Since straight men are often turned on by lesbian erotica, why not straight women being turned on by gay male erotica?
Barney the dinosaur lay in a bloody heap, slashed to pieces by his detractors.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Highlander, among other works, are fertle grounds for slash writers. LOTR, with the intimacy and love between the male characters, is especially rich with slash material.
by Loreleili August 15, 2005
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1. A broad term that refers to any supernatural/mythical being, the most common depiction of sprites being of elves, faeries, dwarves, nymphs, pixies, and mermaids, although it is used mainly for European mythical beings, rarely used for non-European ones, and rarely used to refer to spirits ("sprite" being derived from Latin "spiritus", obviously meaning "spirit").

2. A soft drink with a lemon-lime flavor.
I open a can of Sprite and, just as I tip it to my lips, a sprite darts out, swears at me, and flies off in a flurry of magic dust.
by Loreleili November 14, 2006
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Often confused with "asocial", which is very different; "asocial" means one who seeks to avoid society, somebody who refuses to or cannot socialize with others, like someone on the autism spectrum.

Antisocial means "against society" or "anti-society"; hostile and antagonistic toward society. This includes behavior that disrespects and violates the rights and feelings of others as well as the order and principles of society, behavior that includes theft, bullying, rape, deception, murder, and general criminal behavior.

An antisocial personality knows the difference between right and wrong but does not care; as long as they get what they want, they don't care who they have to walk over. Any means- manipulation, flattery, intimidation, cruelty, theft, murder- is perfectly justified to them
Robert Hare, revising his psychopathy checklist, says that all psychopaths are antisocial personalities but not all antisocial personalities are psychopaths. Similar to the autism spectrum, antisocial personalities range from obvious sociopaths to extreme (and well-hidden) psychopaths.
by Loreleili June 29, 2011
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