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Latin Root name of Laura. Julius Ceasar wore this on his head as a crown which remared his power on the Roman Empire.
We commonly know this to be Laural bay leaves which are used in cooking, spells and herbal remedies. The most remakable contribution it has to offer is sentimental influence, evenuating in death from the cause of betrayal, meaning don't wave this stuff infront of potenial enemies because it's them gaining the power from this sweet smelling herb, not you. Bad choice of crown, Hail Ceasar!!!
In Empire times, they would burn Loredana over the city square to promote wellbeing and strength in the people of Rome. This practise evenually lead the people of Rome to be Slaugthered and then the end of the strongest empire, that was distroyed in one day. The Roman empire reigned for 1200 years.
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by Loredana Malacarne April 06, 2006
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