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4 definitions by Lordsamiam

A piece of shit that schools use to block so-called "inappropriate" sites. It even blocks some sites that aren't inappropriate for no reason. It is what we like to call "extreme idiotic censorship"
stupid websense! I cant even use Google Image Search at my school?
by LordSamiam August 24, 2006
what people sometimes accidently type instead of "lol"
Person A: *tells lame joke*
Person B: llol
Person A: what is llol?
Person B: oops sorry i meant lol
Person A: oh ok! lol
by Lordsamiam April 03, 2007
The second ugliest girl's name ever, next to Olga.
Person A: You know that girl you really like? What's her name?
Person B: Helga
Person A: She's ugly, isn't she?
Person B: How do you know? You've never seen her before
Person A: Because her name is Helga.
by Lordsamiam May 07, 2007
the butt-ugliest girl's name EVER. It's vile and disgusting. Worse than Helga, and that's saying a lot.
Who the hell still names their kid Olga?
by Lordsamiam May 07, 2007