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3 definitions by Lordofdudes

sexual intercourse without a condom.
Dude1: "i was so wasted i forgot to put on my condom with that girl last night."
Dude2: "is plug and play better?"

Wife: "honey i want a child."
Husband: "Time to plug and play!"
by Lordofdudes February 09, 2011
someone who is really funny. comes from the expression "flying colors"
chick1 "I just came back from a date with this guy."
chick2 "whats he like?"
chick 1 "He came through with flying lolers!"
by lordofdudes April 08, 2011
1.Contrary to popular belief, Pork means the female's vagina (from Latin vagĭna, literally "sheath" or "scabbard").

2.Can also be used to spite someone when they fail due to your win.
1. Her pork was so nice.

2. (in soccer game, dude 1 kicks ball into goal, then tells goalkeeper)
dude 1: in your PORK!
by lordofdudes December 13, 2010