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1. A penis long enough that it can penetrate both the vagina and the cervix.

2. In anal sex, a penis long enough that it can penetrate both the Anus and the Houston Valves.

Note: If you're a dumb shit who can't figure out what the Houston Valves are, please consult Google.
Black Guy: Double Docker

White Guy: Docker ... hits the G-spot

Asian Guy: No Docker ... she can't even feel it inside her.
by LordofWales August 08, 2010
A sexual act where both the vagina and cervix are penetrated.

In anal sex, this can also be when both the anus and the Houston valves are penetrated.

Also referred to as double dipping.

If you don't know what the Houston valves are and are too dumb to figure it out, please consult Google.
His dick was so long he was able to double dock his shawty.

You know you have a big dick if you can Double Dock.

His dick is so big, it's a double docker.
by LordofWales August 08, 2010

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