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A website for sharing funny pictures designed by the Great Leader (Kim Il-Sung) some time in the 1820-ies after his heroic time travel shortly before his death in 1994, the site was not revealed to the North Korean public before 1995, in an effort to prevent time paradoxes.
At the North Korean reveal of Funnyjunk in 1995, Dear Leader (Kim Jung-Il) took office as Admin of the site, vowing to keep building on the site his father and mentor had left him.
Dear Leader had the site translated into English by July 2001 and was revealed to the international community at the end of same month, its North Korean was obscured, as Dear Leader feared that being honest about the site's origins would hinder the site's growth due to Anti-DPRK biased Americans.
At the death of Dear Leader in 2011, his son DJ 4DMIN (Kim Jong-Un) took office as Admin of Funnyjunk, leading the site to great prosperity by being open about it's glorious North Korean roots and using his manly charisma and boyish charm to sway the user-base to support him and his policy of "North Korea = Best Korea".
Funnyjunk comrade #1: "Have you been on the glorious Funnyjunk today comrade?"
Funnyjunk comrade #2: "I have indeed, the post by our great DJ 4DMIN was very humorous, it shows his great intelligence and personality very much!"
Funnyjunk comrade #1: "I agree completely with you comrade and have no reason not to!"
by Lordlolland June 08, 2013
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