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1) To cover up the sound of a fart by replicating the sound, or a similar sound several times.

2) To make a sound that sounds like farting again at least once so that the people around you realize that it was a funny noise and not you farting.
"It totally sounded like I blew one in history today when I sat down, but I gasmasked it by rubbing my hand on the desk to make more fart noises"
#fart #farting #cover up #gas #gas mask
by LordRaccoon May 26, 2009
A part of a dream that is so ordinary and realistic that you believe it to have actually happened. Phantom Actions entail incredibly simple circumstances such as putting your keys in a different place, or telling someone who looks like Barbara Walters that he or she looks like Barbara Walters.
"I could have sworn that I bought new shampoo. I guess it was just a Phantom Action"
#dream #dreams #phantom #fantom #fantom action
by LordRaccoon May 26, 2009
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