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Internet user famous for his eloquence, chemical self-enhancement and trolling techniques.

VerminWatch is an active member of several online communities and can be most often found on urban chat room, Chat-Buddy, where is is vilified and hero-worshipped in equal measure.

Whilst not afraid to speak the truth in regards to his fellow Chat-Buddy users, VerminWatch (also known as 'Verm') has also been known to troll his victims in a manner that is viewed by some as excessive, resulting in many an absconded chatter.

Unabashedly offensive yet oftentimes insightful, VerminWatch will be derided and lauded by many who encounter him.
"Stop attempting to troll, you are starting to sound just like Verm"

"Who is this VerminWatch I keep hearing about?"
by LordOfTheNullLines May 13, 2013

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